Express Detailing Services in Jacksonville Beach, FL

If you're pressed for time but still need the shine of a professional detailing service, stop by Clean Getaway Car Wash & Detail Center in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Our Express Services give your car a quick shine in less time than a full service detail.

Express Detailing Services

Hand Wax (Carnauba) - $47.95
Includes Full Service Wash Wheels/Tires & Carnauba Hand Wax

Carpet Shampoo - $47.95
Includes Full Service Wash Wheel Deal, Carpet & Mats Shampoo

Seat Cleaning/Leather Condition - $47.95
Includes Full Service Wash Wheels/Tires, Upholstery Shampoo
Interior Super Clean - $47.95
Includes Full Service Wash, wheels/tires Clean all vinyl doors, dash, console

Xpress Interior Combo - $79.00
Choose any 2 services

Full Interior Detail - $99.00
Includes all 3 services

Extra Express Services

Interior Ultra Clean - $47.95*
Clean dash, console and door panels with interior cleaner. Please allow 15-25 minutes.

Leather Seats Cleaned & Conditioned - $47.95*
Leather seats cleaned and conditioned with LEXOL. Please allow 15-25 minutes.

Carpet & Floor Mats Cleaned - $47.95*
Carpet and floor mats steam-cleaned. Scotch guard applied for additional $5.00. Please allow 15-25 minutes.
Seat Shampoo & Steam Clean - $47.95*
Seats shampooed, steam-cleaned and extracted. Scotch guard applied for additional $5.00. Please allow 15-25 minutes.

Interior Detail - Starting at $99.99
Seats shampooed, carpet and floor mats steam-cleaned. Dash, console and door panels cleaned. Please allow 45-60 minutes.
*Base prices. May not include surcharges for larger vehicles and/or additional work that may be required.